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Better Made Trailers takes pride in offering top-quality trailers at competitive prices. Our materials provide the best performance, durability, and appearance, resulting in industry-leading trailers that outlast the competition. The difference is in the name: we’re Better Made.

Performance & Durability

E-Z Lube Hubs


Simply remove a grease cap to begin axle maintenance with the E-Z Lube Hubs used on all Better Made Trailers.

Junction Boxes


Better Made Trailers lighting systems use junction boxes with an individual wire going to each light. Troubleshooting is made easy, unlike trailers that have one wire spliced into each light.

DOT-Approved LED Lighting


Our LED lighting systems are long-lasting and provide bright light for enhanced visibility.

Thicker Steel Frames


Better Made uses thicker steel for our trailer frames than much of the competition, making our trailers more durable and longer lasting.


2-part Commercial Coatings Epoxy Primer and Topcoat System exclusively from PPG

  • Extreme durability from the elements…rain, hail, road salt, or chemical spills from the load are kept in check by the 2-part, chemically-catalyzed system.
  • Impact resistance. Damage from sand, dirt, rocks, and other items is minimized by utilizing a system that is flexible enough to absorb the impact.
  • Less corrosion creep. If ever the finish is scratched, the underlying epoxy gets to work, preventing rust from spreading under the surface of the coatings.
  • Preserves structural integrity. Rust not only looks bad, it slowly eats away the metal, eventually leading to catastrophic failure.
  • Results in a system with added sun-blocking UV inhibitors that’ll keep that glossy right-off-the-showroom-floor look for years to come.
  • Protects your investment. You don’t buy a trailer to be an ornament. A better coatings system means your trailer will be ready for duty day in and day out.
  • Outlasts budget enamel applied directly to metal used by some trailer manufacturers.

#1 Treated Lumber


Unlike competitors using #2 or #3 treated lumber, Better Made Trailers uses #1 treated lumber with no bows and less knots for an optimized trailer surface.

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BMT is our #1 selling dump they are built like a tank and are very affordable. Our customers have been extremely happy with the BMT line of trailers and we are proud to offer them on our lot. They are Better Made Trailers!
Ike Wilson | Better Made Trailer Dealer

I bought a 5 x 10 utility trailer from BMT and am very satisfied with the quality, paint job, and workmanship and the trailer tracks perfectly.

Kevin Finn | Better Made Trailer Owner


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